How To Beat Burnout

Por Celerative

07 Abr 2022

Balancing life and work is essential for people. Few professionals are willing to work in environments where they are not taken into account or where an excessive level of pressure is demanded of them.

Employee retention is one of the biggest challenges for companies today. Every day, thousands of people leave in search of better working conditions while others take leave and days off.

Paul McDonald, CEO of the statistics and human talent management firm Robert Half, argue job fatigue (or burnout) is much greater now than a year ago (34% of American workers suffer from burnout) and companies must be prepared to contain them in the best way without affecting the productivity of the corporation.

So how do we manage our teams and get rid of burnout? 🚒

For McDonald the most effective solution is the hiring of temporary employees, freelancers, consultants or project professionals who help “fill the gap” left by exhausted employees.

Of course, this is a measure that must be taken preventively.

In other words, it is better to hire independent talent before a burnout crisis occurs in a team than to have resignations or leaves of absence due to work overload.

It is time for the leaders to accompany the collaborators, encourage them to be healthy; let them know that you listen to them and together they constitute the same team. By adding support that lightens your work, morale will rise and the bonds of commitment with the organization, objectives and leaders will be strengthened. 💪🏼

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