12 December 2022 TB news TB Partner


Tech Barcelona joins forces with Level to reinforce the internationalisation of the tech ecosystem

12 December 2022 TB news TB Partner
  • Both entities have signed a collaboration agreement that facilitates the connection of Barcelona’s technological ecosystem with world-class innovation hubs
  • The airline directly connects Barcelona with the main innovation hubs in the United States and will facilitate the creation of networks and links between them

Barcelona, 12 December 2022. – The low-cost, long-haul airline LEVEL has signed a strategic agreement with Tech Barcelona to promote the internationalisation of the Catalan technological and digital ecosystem in America, through direct connections with world-renowned innovation hubs such as San Francisco and Boston, among other destinations of the airline.

Tech Barcelona members and partners will benefit from reduced prices and discounts on flights operated by LEVEL from Barcelona to destinations as diverse as New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. For the airline, this collaboration allows it to continue actively supporting Barcelona’s digital and technological environment, its innovation, creativity and young talent.

Según Ricard Falomir, Chief Digital & Operations Officer de LEVEL, “este acuerdo nace de nuestro objetivo compartido de apoyar iniciativas que contribuyan a la innovación y a la internacionalización de Tech Barcelona. Para LEVEL, esta firma que hoy anunciamos es una muestra más del compromiso de la aerolínea con el desarrollo del ecosistema empresarial, digital y tecnológico de Barcelona”.

For his part, Miquel Martí, CEO of Tech Barcelona, assures that “the internationalisation of Barcelona’s technological and digital ecosystem in America is a focus of strategic growth. This collaboration agreement will help us to encourage entrepreneurs, corporations and investors related to Tech Barcelona to represent the local ecosystem on a global scale, as well as to strengthen its links with consolidated innovation centres such as Boston or San Francisco”.

Ricard Falomir, Chief Digital & Operations Officer at LEVEL and Miquel Martí, CEO at Tech Barcelona.