10 March 2022 TB Partner Talks


TB Partner Talks #5 | Roger Sendra: “Brand differentiation in start-ups is fundamental”

10 March 2022 TB Partner Talks

Roger Sendra is the General Manager of dentsu in Barcelona. A corporation founded more than 100 years ago in Japan, with 48,000 specialists working in more than 145 markets, and which represents the first network of advertising agencies in Spain.

Although he began his career in business and banking, he joined dentsu more than 20 years ago. “I soon discovered that I was interested in working with brands and making them grow,” he says. During all this time, he has experienced the changing role of technology in the advertising world; before, “digital was a simple complement to brand management”; now, “new technologies allow us to optimize processes, make better decisions and work more efficiently”.

In this Partner Talks, we demystify the image attributed to historical advertising companies, where ads were created amidst cigarette smoke and whiskey shots in the purest Mad Men style. Today Roger talks about the role of agencies in an increasingly competitive global environment, where Artificial Intelligence and machine learning must coexist with creative professionals to get the most out of brands.