20 September 2023 TB Coffee


TB Coffee with…Laura Urquizu: “Now that Red Points is profitable, we are in control of our destiny”

20 September 2023 TB Coffee

“A startup, in the beginning, is nothing more than an experiment”. Red Points has certainly not been a startup for a long time, but an ambitious scaleup with a global business, offices in Barcelona, New York, Salt Lake City and Beijing, a team of almost 300 people and a turnover that this year will exceed 30 million euros. And what’s more, as of this September, it is a profitable company. A milestone in the history of this Barcelona-based company founded in 2011 and dedicated to combating online fraud.

In a conversation with Tech Barcelona, its partner and CEO since 2014, Laura Urquizu, recognised as one of the most influential leaders on the technology business scene, explained the lessons learned throughout her career and explained how profitability, in the current decisive economic climate, has become an increasingly sought-after objective among investors and entrepreneurs:

“We understood that we could no longer be experiments, that we had to prove that our business model was real: we had to put aside ‘growth no matter what’ and measure the profitability of every euro we invested. We started this journey in April 2022 and today I can already say that we are ‘cashflow positive’. We are masters of our destiny.

On the horizon, Urquizu does not rule out any future option for further growth, whether it be going listed on the stock exchange or becoming part of an industrial group. What is clear is that the market in which he operates continues to grow globally. Counterfeiting has only increased and become more sophisticated, forcing the company to prioritise technology development. This has been the case for more than ten years. Ten years in which the company has raised rounds of 76 million euros. Ten years helping more than 1,200 clients around the world, such as Hugo Boss or Real Madrid. Ten years of “passing screens”, making mistakes and solving them. And a year in the ‘path to profitability’.

The story of Red Points and Laura Urquizu continues, now, under the “peace of mind” that comes with profitability. You can watch the whole session here: