A new alliance is born between ZeroGrey and Qapla’, the leading company in logistics solutions

Por ZeroGrey

15 Apr 2021

If the pandemic has given a boost to eCommerce, the post-pandemic will consolidate this trend: it is estimated that in 2021 eCommerce operators will increase their turnover by 14 billion euros, and in Italy alone by about 2 billion. A paradigm shift that has caused some problems in a sector that, especially in Italy, is still young and unexplored.

One point that is as crucial as it is complex for the eCommerce sector is that of logistics. During the first period of the pandemic, faced with an increase in the volume of total shipments of +73% compared with the pre-Covid period, there were problems related to the detailed and real-time control of the location of the parcels being delivered and, in relation to this, the possibility of being able to have cross-border traceability for international shipments. Therefore, optimising logistics by making it always adequate to a growing demand is one of the turning points of online commerce. The collaboration announced today between ZeroGrey – the eCommerce agency that deals with the implementation and management of companies’ online shops – and Qapla’ – an eCommerce logistics solution that improves the life of online shops – goes in this direction.

“One year after the pandemic, no eCommerce can afford any more mistakes” – says Simone De Ruosi, CEO of ZeroGrey, which has almost 50 customers in Italy. “More than 35% of the brands that have turned to us since the pandemic complained about problems related to the logistics segment, one of the most delicate phases, especially when a large number of orders have to be shipped. Aware of the importance of this segment, we decided to partner with Qapla’. Our 20 years of experience in the eCommerce sector and the logistics expertise of Qapla’ are the perfect combination to meet the needs of this growing sector, which has become a necessity for any business.”

“The situation created by Covid,” explains Roberto Fumarola, CEO and co-founder of Qapla’, “has forced the industry to mature in the online environment in a brutal way. At Qapla’ we know that the management of postal delivery is one of the phases that most concerns those who send and also those who have to receive a parcel, and it is precisely during this process that an excellent experience can make the difference”. Some examples: “Among the most important issues,” explains Fumarola, “was the need to be able to switch from one courier to another, because some couriers had blocked branches in many geographical areas and eCommerce had an urgent need to change or add couriers: Qapla’ helped them to quickly integrate other couriers into their logistic flow. Related to this was the need for less clogged customer service due to the increase in follow-up requests during this period. Sending delivery emails with the tracking link we use reduces calls and messages from end customers by at least 50%.”

With 29 million shipments handled, 20 supported platforms, and the ability to partner with 160 courier companies for tracking, Qapla’ is the ideal solution to solve one of the trickiest problems in eCommerce. “With this partnership,” says De Ruosi, “the customer who chooses ZeroGrey chooses Qapla’ at the same time, minimising the possibility of error and effort in the management of their eCommerce. The alliance between ZeroGrey and Qapla’ is a commitment between two innovative companies of Italian and European origin. It is essential that there is a strategic technological and digital ecosystem in Europe and it is necessary that the market invests in this important reality.”