Cyber Hackaton 2077


Online (in NUWE's Virtual World)
10:00 / 23:59
Actividad Pública

The Cyber Hackathon 2077 is a cybersecurity competition organized and powered by NUWE that will take place on Saturday, December 2nd.

  • 📅 Dates: Hackathon virtual day – Saturday, December 2nd from 10:00 to 23:59 (CET=UTC+1)
  • 📍 Format: Online (in NUWE’s Virtual World)
  • 🧩 Competition category: Cybersecurity (Pentesting)
  • 🧑🏽‍💻 Profile and level: All levels
  • 🤝 Participation: Teams (1 to 3 people)
  • 🏅 Prizes: Prizes for the winning team
  • 📝 Terms & Conditions: You can read here the Cyber Hackathon 2077-Terms&Conditions (ENG)(open to possible updates).

Goal of the competition

The main goal of this Hackathon is to compete against other hackers as yourself and to achieve the 1st position and win our incredible prize!

We challenge you to embrace your inner cyberpunk and protect the virtual realms from the shadows. In the neon-lit streets of the future, your expertise will be your most powerful weapon. This is your chance to prove your mettle and secure the future of the digital frontier.

Let the games begin, and may the best cyberpunk prevail!

(IMPORTANT: The systems to be tested will only be accessible on the Hackathon virtual day! The systems will shut down at 23:59 on Saturday, December 2nd.)

🏅 Prizes

Prizes will be delivered to the winning team: 1 x Flipper Zero for each member.

(IMPORTANT: The Flipper Zero prize will only be available for shipping in Spain. If the winners of the competition do not live in Spain, each member of the winning team will get one 150€ Amazon Gift Card.)

🤝 Participation:

Teams: 1 to 3 people. (You can create or join a team once you are registered in the competition.)

You can create your team so that more participants can join you or you can join an already existing team. You can create the team in the “Challenges” tab. In the team creation form, when you are asked for the “Stack” you will use, you can select any “Stack” as these technologies are not binding for the execution of this challenge.

📍 Virtual World

We are so happy to tell you that the Cyber Hackathon 2077 will be held in NUWE’s Virtual World, which will allow you to work with your team members and meet the NUWE team.

(The link to the Virtual World and a user guide will be published here a few days before the event.)

✅ Submission

All participants must be registered both in the event and in the challenge. The team leader is the only person allowed to upload the solution for the challenge with a link to a GitHub repository. However, all the members of each team will get the same score.

(IMPORTANT: You can deliver your solution until Monday, December 4th at 11:59 AM.)

💬 Contact us

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions during the hackathon event process, feel free to reach out to the NUWE team. You can contact us via email at hello@nuwe.io and/or through the Discord Serverthat will be created for this event.

Click HERE to join the NUWE Discord Servers.

Cyber Hackaton 2077

10:00 / 23:59
Online (in NUWE's Virtual World)
Actividad Pública