20 July 2023 TB news TB Partner


Danone joins Tech Barcelona as Global Partner

20 July 2023 TB news TB Partner
  • The global food and beverage company engages with Barcelona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to share knowledge and intensify its own digital transformation
  • In this sense, the agreement promotes the development and implementation of disruptive technologies in the retail sector.

Barcelona, 20 July 2023. – Danone, the global food and beverage company, has joined Tech Barcelona as a Global Partner to get closer to the city’s entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem and drive its own digital transformation. The agreement also promotes the development and implementation of disruptive technologies in the retail sector, and reinforces Tech Barcelona’s position as a European benchmark association in the vehicle and promotion of these projects.

The alliance drives the integration of innovative digital knowledge, which will enable Danone and companies in the sector to improve their management and speed, as well as contribute to the creation of unique experiences for consumers. The company originally from Barcelona, which already uses technological systems based on artificial intelligence and big data on a daily basis, also seeks to become actively involved in the development of technological talent, as well as in areas such as health and sustainability.

For Nicolás Cosqueric, IT & Data Director of Danone Iberia, “technology and data have been major strategic drivers for Danone for years. Our goal is to continue building and improving in this area to be pioneers in the development of innovations related to artificial intelligence and data analysis, generating new opportunities and strengthening our position. This close approach to Tech Barcelona is a great step that pushes us in this direction”.

For his part, Miquel Martí, CEO of Tech Barcelona, assures that “the incorporation of a leading global company such as Danone consolidates the association’s position as a technological and digital reference in Europe”. “The agreement will reinforce the knowledge of consumer trends and behaviour, at a time marked by the need to understand the changes in the market and to adopt efficient and sustainable methods”.

Tech Barcelona currently represents more than 1,300 companies and has more than 80 partner organisations, leaders in their sector, committed to technology as a driver of development. Among other activities, the association leads ‘Working Groups’ with the aim of sharing knowledge and having an impact in areas such as retail or the future of work.