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We foster high-performing teams in highly purposeful businesses.
Maximize your growth and impact by building powerful HR processes, leveraging a multicultural network of talented professionals, and attracting and retaining the right talent.
For Businesses, we are your strategic People Partner.
We design powerful human resources solutions tailored to your needs. If it’s about HR, we have the answer. We build your business together, we set up the foundation of your organization. Customizing for your needs, we are your HR partner to set up the seed and foundation of your HR strategy, processes within your global strategy and roadmap. We build your culture, strategy and design and implement your processes. In order to reach our goal and being successful, we hire the right talents for you.
Make hiring headaches a thing of the past.
We help you to attract, hire and retain your talent. We are specialized in building teams for tech, product and engineering roles. We also hire for sales, operations, marketing and support functions roles within a tech environment. We are partnering with you to set up your talent strategy with the right employer branding marketing value proposition, hiring processes, ATS implementation, KPIs tracking implementation, candidate experience, training your hiring manager for interviews….
Grow your dream career.
Take massive action towards finding your best career opportunities. Highlight your superpowers, nail the recruitment process, and create a career that truly supports your goals and needs in life.


Founder and CEO: Alexandra Baratchegaray