10 October 2022 TB news


Barcelona’s ecosystem is hot: las 10 startups del 2022 según Wired

10 October 2022 TB news

Barcelona’s tech ecosystem is hot!

The US magazine Wired has just announced the ‘100 hottest startups’ in Europa in 2022 selected in ten cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Helsinki and Dublin. For Wired, Barcelona “is a global hub for investors, startups and companies looking for sunny climes and a business-friendly environment”. With more than 1,900 startups in Catalonia, Barcelona “attracts international talent because of its lifestyle, the strength of the ecosystem and the presence of international companies,” explains Miquel Martí, CEO of Tech Barcelona, interviewed for the article.

These are the 10 hottest startups in Barcelona in 2022, according to Wired:

  • 011h. Builds prefabricated homes in its factory using wood from managed forests to remain carbon neutral.
  • acceXible. Uses AI to analyze their speech patterns and detect the early signs of dementia, Parkinson’s, and even coronary disease from tone, pauses, repetition, and sentiment analysis via so-called vocal biomarkers.
  • Doctomatic. Remote patient-monitoring app which, using any medical device from heart-rate monitors to scales, allows doctors to check in on patients with chronic disease.
  • VOTTUN. “The WordPress of the Web3” offers blockchain templates that allow companies to track data, certify identity, manage crypto payments and launch NFTs.
  • Nuclia. AI-powered search engine that can index data from any document type and transcribe videos in any language
  • Lupa. Combines audio coaching, wearables, GPS maps, and sightseeing to take runners on new routes, explaining local landmarks as well as offering running tips and feedback on their physiology.
  • HUBUC. Platform enables any company to embed financial services in its product: services like issuing payment cards, controlling FX rates, and organizing customer payments.
  • Last.app. A B2B on-demand courier service for the restaurant industry to serve hospitality businesses, restaurants, and ghost kitchens.
  • Vitaance. Gamifies financial, social, mental, and physical improvements for a company’s employees by offering rewards for individuals and teams that hit healthy physical, emotional, and financial goals.
  • Payflow. Sells a salary-advance service to employers, charging companies a commission if staff withdraw a portion of their salary early, rather than charging staff, as rival services do.

We are very proud that all these companies are part of the Tech Barcelona community. We are happy to continue accompanying you in all your projects and the many more to come. #WeAreTechBarcelona

Here is the link to the article about Barcelona and to the complete information about the 100 hottest startups in Europe in 2022.