2 February 2023 TB Members Calling


¡50 TB Members Calling!

2 February 2023 TB Members Calling

We have reached 50 TB Members Calling! At Tech Barcelona we have been interviewing our members every Thursday for more than a year. A number that will continue to grow week after week so that the community can get to know the more than 1,000 members that represent the association. The journey ahead is long…

To celebrate this milestone, we want to share some interesting answers to the last mandatory question of the format: “What is Tech Barcelona for you? Because we love to find out what our members do and how they think, but we are also proud to know that we are on the right track.


What is Tech Barcelona for you?

  • MC #1 | Carla Zaldúa. “It is an opportunity”.
  • MC #7 | Elena Rico. “One of the initiatives that really implements the concept of think global and act local.”
  • MC #11 | Rubén Bonet. “A great platform from Barcelona to the world and a reference for many who are starting their projects. I would have liked to have had something similar in my city when I started”.
  • MC #12 | Marc Cortés. “The demonstration that ideas and dreams have to be pursued. Someone thought that Barcelona deserved a meeting place linked to talent and a way of understanding how digital was going to transform the world and business. Together we are building it”.
  • MC #15 | Josep Coll. “The basis for Barcelona to be the most cutting-edge city: a project with a long history and very well underway”.
  • MC #18 | Roger Sendra. “Tech Barcelona has presented the city to the world: its entrepreneurship, its capacity to do new things and to think differently. It is also a point of inspiration for all of us who – in some way – are connected to it”.
  • MC #21 | Adela Martínez. “A range of possibilities. Plus, they do great afterworks!”
  • MC #22 | Marc Lite. “The most authentic and sensible energiser in the digital entrepreneurship sector”.
  • MC #26 | Paola Pardo. “A space to give a voice to the entire startup ecosystem in the city. It is support and solidarity”.
  • MC #31 | Francesc Font. “A great example of private and public collaboration”.
  • MC #34 | Astrid Camprubí. “It is the essential piece in the startup ecosystem of our country and who, with its good work, puts Barcelona on the map to attract talent and investment”.
  • MC #37 | Carles Brunet. “It is the innovation hub of reference in the ecosystem of technology companies in Catalonia and, at the same time, a place where we can grow day by day and share workspace with professionals who allow you to keep your focus and create synergies”.
  • MC #39 | David Cascón. “I love the fact that there are associations dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem without expecting a return and, without a doubt, everything you organise is ‘top’, so for me today you are a 10”.
  • MC #40 | Judit Camargo. “It was the first contact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It was here that I saw that entrepreneurship was possible and I decided that I wanted to do it.
  • MC #44 | Alberto Villalobos. “The unifier and booster of the startup ecosystem in Barcelona. It plays an extremely important social and economic role for Barcelona. You realise when you look for the same thing in Madrid or Malaga and it doesn’t exist”.
  • MC #45 | Stefano Melchior. “It is the navel of the world of entrepreneurship ecosystem in Barcelona. It has been the launching point for many success stories. And I love its policy of encouraging exchange to help colleagues (with a beer in hand)”.
  • MC #49 | Enric Solé. “Everything happens here: the success of some benefits others”.
  • MC #50 | Mariale Ortega. “A pioneering community and space”.