Lupa’s Move For Mindfulness Week 2022

Por Lupa

24 març 2022

Hello Everyone!

This week, at Lupa, we are organising a charity initiative called Move For Mindfulness Week, where for every run or walk recorded on the Lupa app, €1 will be donated on your behalf to the Samaritans Mental Health Charity, so that while you support yourself with mindful movement, you are supporting others to receive the mental health care they need.

The initiative runs until 23:59 GMT on Sunday, March 27th, so we would hugely appreciate if the Tech Barcelone Community could support us by:

  1. Downloading the Lupa app for free here
  2. Using the app to record all of your runs/walks (Guided audio experience or simple tracking)
  3. Share to social media, using #MoveForMindfulness, tagging @LupaRun
  4. Spreading the word to friends, family and colleagues

Thank you so much for your support. Together, Let’s #MoveForMindfulness.

Happy Running!

The Lupa Team