How the ISE managed to turn a dull walkway into an endless art exhibition during the 2023 show.

Por WindowSight

26 juny 2023

The ISE show as always hosts cutting-edge technology and innovative projects. The 2023 show was no exception: with more than 58K attendees it once again kept everyone’s attention.

To enhance the visual appeal of a dull 100m. walkway leading to the New Audio Rooms in Hall 8, the organizers along with Michael Blackman – the Managing Director of the ISE – decided to enliven the area and match it with Barcelona’s artful and innovative spirit.

We, the WindowSight team, partnered with the ISE team to implement a colorful project involving 36 digital displays that would reflect masterpieces of 30 world-leading artists and photographers – members of WindowSight’s community.

As Michael Blackman highlighted, seeing people stopping by, interacting and discussing about the project indicated that our goal to provide an interesting and entertaining visual treat for the show’s visitors was met.

This partnership’s success emphasizes the ability of art & photography to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space, be it a home, public area, or business.

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