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We foster high-performing teams in highly purposeful businesses.
Maximize your growth and impact by building powerful HR processes, leveraging a multicultural network of talented professionals, and attracting and retaining the right talent.

We are your HR partner with a heart, dedicated to helping passionate people and meaningful businesses meet and grow.
We provide HR services focused on recruitment and development for startups, scale ups and larger organizations within the tech and industry ecosystem. Through our DNA, we are multicultural and want to build a bridge between Europe and LATAM. In Europe, we are based in Barcelona, Paris and Lisbon. In LATAM, we are based in Fortaleza and Sao Paulo. This is the Spot to grow your business and grow your professional career. We have services for Businesses and Individual Professionals.

For Businesses, we can build your team from scratch hiring the right talents and create the efficient HR processes, you need, to retain them! The Spot to grow is where you can develop your people and your business within a multicultural and agile environment. More than before, we need to be flexible in the face of new challenges. We are here, to be your partner.

For Individual Professionals, we provide outplacement services to help you to find your next professional career dream in Europe or LATAM.

We were born global. We are a Human Resources consultancy, specialized in recruitment and selection processes, designed to boost the growth of professionals and companies through complete and personalized solutions. Transformation is in our DNA - we are specialists in the stages and challenges involved in the growth process. We inspire multiculturalism.


Alexandra Baratchegaray - Founder & CEO